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We are located in Bulloch County, Georgia and are a DOA licensed breeder of pure bred and designer dogs.  Even though our first love will always be the American Pit Bull Terrier, we have decided to meet the needs of other customers with our smaller dogs.  We have researched the breeds, we are carrying, extensively and hope to bring you just as much enjoyment in the smaller dogs as we have and will continue to do with the larger dogs.  

We have perfected some crosses (designer) that we have researched and are proud to finally offer to the public for purchase.  The crosses are genetically proven to be healthier more sound dogs. We have evidence to back this.  Just ask us.  Additionally, you will see pure bred breedings as well. All dogs that are hybrid crosses will be recognized through the American Canine Hybrid Club or the designer breed association.  

We are neither a backyard breeder nor a puppy mill.  We base our business on honesty, integrity and strong ethical practices.   Our paramount concern is for the safety and wellbeing of all of our animals.  For these reasons, we have changed our kennel from a partnership to sole ownership.  We believe this change along with our integrity will make Simply Southern Kennel your best choice for the new addition to your family. 

We desire repeat customers and value word of mouth unlike some breeders who only care about the one time sell. We want to be available for information and support after you have made your purchase and have your new baby home.  Our site and breeder support is better than it has ever been.  Please check back with us often as we, at Simply Southern Kennel, are anticipating great happenings with these dogs and want you to be apart of this growing production.  


Quality From Our Family To Yours!


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Hello Ms Lisa,

It was so wonderful to speak with you tonight.  I'm  so very sorry that I called so late, please forgive me. we wanted to thank you so much for Miracle, she is a blessing to us all especially Jes.  She is 8 months old and only 3 1/2 lbs, very tiny, spunky and smart. Very spoiled too. She loves the camera, lots of kisses  and play ball.  Her ears are very big and her face is so so small we call them bat ears  lol).  She is very short, and she knows that she is the queen of the household.  When Richard comes home from work she acts like Elvis entered the building( funny) omg she melts gets very happy to see him.  Overall, miracle is very calm, she likes to be held, she does not bark, only a  few times since we've had her. She loves car rides is very quiet chi. She is very unique and happy.  She has a twinkle in her eyes and i could swear that she seems to smile at times to me.

I feel bad for her for she needs a little playmate.  A little chi tiny and special like she is, hopefully you send me the pics of the little chi you described over the phone.   Miracle is sleeping with Jes as i write this email. Jes has her oxygen on all night and mini( what we call her) sleeps right by her side and we all feel so blessed and calmed to know that Jes is relaxed and happy with her little miracle by her side.

Many nights we see mini sniffing Jes mouth and nose, we thought it was strange and funny while Jes slept,, but what we did not know was that Jes would stop breathing while she slept this is why Jes would be experiencing all sorts serious medical conditions during the day and night.   But miracle sensed it some how. Jes was kept at the hospital for a sleep study and it was confirmed. Miracle is a special chi and we adore her.  This would of not been possible without all of your love and devotion that you provided us all with the breeding of  such  special chi's. So thank you.

Candy and stitch are the special parents indeed i must say,, they made a little miracle come true for us all in  Chester, Virginia.

Thank you, with much love, 
Jes, Carmen, Richard & Miracle Medina
Chester, Virginia


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